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Salesme.in is a Hindi website on which we are providing finance, credit cards, insurance, business and sales related content in Hindi. Best credit cards for different professionals, credit cards related important articles in hindi, important information needed before applying for credit cards or any kind of loans. we are also providing post on ” How to increase sales ” related important content in hindi.

The vision of this website is to make hindi content to help small businessman, self employed , to increase their sales, help them to earn more profits, helping them in getting credit cards and loans. We are also providing important information related to credit cards, saving accounts, loans, insurance and also writing articles on starting and managing and growing work and business. Our motive is helping our visitor to grow their income and get loans, credit cards suitable for them.

We are also trying to make everything available here whatever an Indian salesman required. The motive of our sales related Hindi content is to motivate, give proper knowledge and guidance to the salespeople so that they can sell more happily.

We are trying to help salesman in every possible way so that they can sell their products more effectively and more in quantity.

About owner and author

manvendra singh

Mr. Manvendra Singh is owner of this site salesme.in. He has worked several years in credit cards departments with top banks and DSA. He has good knowledge in credit cards, loans, increasing sales and business, So on this site he is sharing his experience and knowledge to help others grow their business and sales, and easily getting loans, credit cards from banks and NBFC’s.

Manvenda Singh is also a good writer. He has written 5 books so far, you can read his books available at Amazon.in

List of book written by him

  1. Reeza – arrange love
  2. Safal salesman kaise bane
  3. how to focus on daily work in hindi
  4. how to make habit of daily exercise in hindi
  5. how to focus on your long term goal in hindi

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You can search about him on social media or at Amazon.in by searching ” Reeza ke manvendra

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