Cookies uses

Cookies are the tiny files which are downloaded to your computer, mobiles on in tabs, just to improve your experience and better functionality of a certain website. Now days almost all the professional websites uses cookies, so our website too uses cookies.

Cookies which we uses

  • In this site we offers e-commerce and payment facilities, so the cookies has been used in order to remembered the data between the pages, so that the payment can be proceeds properly.
  • We uses email subscription, hence the cookies has been used to identify if the user has been already registered/subscribed or has been unsubscribed the site.
  • Account and login related cookies has been also used in this site.
  • This site also uses site preferences cookies to provide the functionality according to the user preferences.
  • Forms related cookies has been used, when a user submit details in contact form or in comment forms to remember user details.

Third Party Cookies

  • We are using social media and other services to our website, so are also using third party cookies.
  • We are using like button and other social media pages, which created third party cookies.